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Five Major Benefits of Pay-Per-Call

Nowadays, there are over than a billion smartphones scattered all across the globe. And with the benefits of click to call, businesses are taking more customer-initiated phone calls via their mobile marketing campaigns. But how in particular does it work and what are its most valuable benefits?More Valuable Leads

Pay per call is by far the most efficient way of engaging a mobile audience. Instead of taking mobile customers to a web page with a form, they only need to tap a button to be instantly connected to your business.

When you drive phone calls actively, you don’t just link up with more of your mobile audience, but you’ll be able to establish real-time connections with your best leads. Studies have shown that phone calls have 30-50% conversion rates compared to a measly 1-2% for clicks.Lead Quality Control and Scam Prevention

When you add phone calls to your marketing mix, you’ll soon observe an improvement in lead quality for two key reasons:Adding phone calls to your marketing mix will soon lead to a rise in lead quality for two primary reasons:Introducing phone calls to your marketing mix will fast results in an increase in lead quality for two major reasons: First, as we have mentioned, phone calls are automatically of higher quality than digital leads because people calling have more intent to buy. They are also likely to purchase more regularly, and spend bigger as they have the advantage of custom assistance from a sales team that can provide answers and solutions.

Furthermore, while calls have 100% contact rates, digital leads can be recycled, old or even fabricated. Second, pay per call comes with quality controls you can use anytime, ensuring that you only receive the calls you want. You can easily set up quality criteria and filters to ensure that no resources will be wasted on junk calls.Higher ROI

Pay per call offers you new leads and customers, along with a larger return on your media investments. In essence, you’re gaining from a completely new flow of traffic, and when you raise lead volume, and maintain or even improve its quality, you are sure to get a greater ROI.

Total Visibility and Control

If you’re a digital marketer, you’re constantly implementing insights into online conversions and the road to purchase. With pay per call, you will be able to get the same visibility, plus insights that digital transactions cannot give you.

These insights and tools allow you to optimize for particular campaigns and for your general strategy in an easier and more effective manner. It will be easier to decide how to set your budget so as to give you the biggest return, and how your campaigns, messaging and total customer experience may be improved.

With smartphones not likely to fade away anytime soon, it’s best to begin taking advantage of call traffic right now. With pay per call, you can easily bring in more quality leads, manipulate lead quality, raise ROI, and access high-value conversion data.

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