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Understanding the Personality of a Labrador Retriever

How every dog breed behaves, varies, and that is why each kind is different from the other. It is vital for you to understand what you are involving yourself in when you decide to get a Labrador. You can know if you will be comfortable with this breed from the characteristics mentioned in the article.

Being loving is one of the significant characteristics of this dog. It may even be the most affectionate dog breed. Labs tend to love everything and everyone. The Labrador still has a wagging tail, and most people laugh when they come across this dogs. They are popularly used as therapy and assistance dogs due to their loving nature.

You will also find this breed to be playful. These dogs will be happy to fetch a ball for hours without rest. They will also enjoy playing games that challenge them mentally. It is possible to get the right games and toys that are interactive and will serve this purpose. Getting one type of such a toy for their collection is essential.

In addition to this, labs are also known to be lovers of food. Labs will have no restrictions to what they eat. The downside to this is that they may at times eat something that is harmful to them. Therefore, you should be careful with them and take note of the things they are eating.

Your Labrador will also have a lot of energy. Due to the energy that these labs have, it is vital that they exercise a lot. For this dog breed to be mentally and physically healthy, the activities are essential. Your Labrador will be excited after they have exercised enough. Failing to ensure this breed receives sufficient exercise, will lead to weight gaining which comes with numerous health risks. Additionally, when you are giving your dog the training it needs, you will also be exercising in the process.

Many individuals who keep these dogs tend to say that their dogs have a sense of humor. Even after they are old dogs, the Labrador Retrievers are playful. Some characteristics of the Labrador are unique as they are born from generations where they were mainly used in the shooting areas for retrieving purposes. Their mouth is tender and is capable of taking the fragile items carefully. The urge that this breed has to pick things up with their mouths and carry them is strong. With the smell alone, it is possible for this breed to track down things. When it comes to sports where there is tracking or the custom and excise authorities, it is common for them to opt to use the Labrador Retrievers in their activities. Though the Labrador is a favorite breed, this dog is not suitable for everyone.

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The Art of Mastering Pets