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How Marijuana Correlates With Spirituality.

Marijuana has won big in 2018. It has been legalized in many states and even people who have sworn never to use it are having a change of heart. This is a product that has medicinal use and even for fun. However, not many know the spiritual side of marijuana. If you want to learn how smoking marijuana can help your spiritual, then keep on reading. Many people will not mention marijuana and religion in the same sentence. The reason behind this is organized religion. Nonetheless, a lot of religions preach against over usage of any kind of a substance. This ranges from drunkenness, overeating, intoxication and also the abuse of any kind of mind alerting substance. What you should know is that there has been the use of marijuana in mainstream religions. Rastafarianism is pro-marijuana. However, the followers are not required to use it. Many people belonging to this group will use the cannabis plant when carrying out various ceremonies. Also, there are debates regarding the use of marijuana in Jewish practices in ancient times. In the Torah, there is a reference of kaneh bosem plant which Moses was required to give to God as a ritual offering. A lot of scholars say this plant is the modern day cannabis plant.

Some of the religions that existed in the past are also shown to have used this plant at one point or another. Some people drink bhang on holiday or festivals. Apart from being fed by various people about the bad things linked to marijuana, there are so many positive things that can be gotten from it. You will be able to relax much better if you take it. Also, it will give you much fun. You can click here to see the medical benefits of marijuana. You can easily see the physical effects of marijuana but the spiritual effects are not easy to study. There are a lot of reasons that can drive people to use marijuana. There are those who consider it as part of their self-atonement. When you smoke marijuana, you feel at one with everything and this helps you get clarity and a new perspective on different things which may not sit well with you.

There are other people who think that the moment you use marijuana you will be able to see into your deepest thoughts and also feelings. The end result is a freed subconscious mind. If you are looking for spiritual awakening or even self-discovery, this is something you want up your sleeve. Also, it can trigger parts of your subconscious mind you have ignored and give you a different realm of experience.